Saturday, March 13, 2010

Communication test(17. 03.10)

Chapter- communication medium, types of medium(verbal ,nonverbal) dis tym i havnt called sir.

Food production test

Food pro theory test o2
wud b on friday 19.03.10 . D chapters includin r- 1. Cuts of beef,mutton,veal,pork.(beef,pork). 2. Fish- types of fish, cuts of fish, purchasing points. 3. Milk- define methods of pasturization, define cream ,butter,cheese. 4.define soup,types of soup,international soups example, garnishes..... Note-(questions guessed by me.)


We ihmities hav 2 face dis problm always...... D internals. Dese tests sucks. Ur course is laggin behind n busy 4 tests. Gr8. What schedule we hav got 2 busy. Authority doesnt thinks be4 makin. How we r managin only we kno. ......... Internals r gud somhow dey helps us 2 evaluate us. Whr we stand. But d main prob is we dont get tym 2 revise. God just hope nxt tym schedule will nt b overlappin.