Sunday, October 30, 2011


Water takes its shape as d
utensil,, if itz nt in d utensil , it
will search its level.
when i was in 1st yr ,we all were
lyk water, water widout any level
n shape.. when we entered d colez
frm d vry first day,we wer
taught abt
courtesy for seniours,teachers.
evn just afta a week we all
mingled n aware f d names f
each other.
these restrictions ,somtime made
me down to think.. is it
D ans. for dat question, i got in
2nd yr.. dis was d tradition which
was being carried out frm
Being a 2nd yr we also tried to
proceed it, n were partially
gettin d feedback. dat tym we
were nt aware of d upcomin
But now we can c d climex, itz nt
less dan any FLOP BIG MOVIE,
yes finally, dat mould of
decipline,respect eithr has got
sum wholes or defragmented.
i alwez get obsessed whneva
anyone speaks ovr grooming of
1st yr compared to 3rd yr.
wht i believe, grooming dont
include outfits..
whn we wer in 1st yr, i m sure ,it
was hard to find any unfolded
shirt, unpolishd shoes, widout tie,
sitting on stairs, anyone sitting
on tables in cafeteria.
now if is dis called groomin ,surly
we r not a part den.
D recent evil works hav already
created a history .
D detoriation hav started , n we
r also smhow blowing it..
< i wud hav neva wrote on dese
becoz it hardly matterz to b
compared, as we shud b alwez
learning.. but some cold chanzez r
really big,, rest m too busy >

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