Sunday, October 30, 2011


Was dere a need of formula 1
race in india...??
d percentage of f1 lovers wud b
few ,probably high clas families..
rest who ol r talkin abt formula
races ,dis is just a status
symbol... hope u rememba d new
airtel aid..
if u wil ask me ..i ws against of
cwg games d adverse
results ,we all kno.
just look around urself.. d basic
needs lyk road,drinking water,
electricity,education, health
issues, population, employment..
list is long.
none of dese problms hav been
resolvd 20 %.. of itz actual fig.
so y we r so glad on dese
stupid,unwanted so calld
it is all game of marketing...
europeans n americans r loosin
dere jobs, banks r becoming
bankcrupt,, bailout packages n
othrs trick hav failed.
dey hav started two type of
games.. strategical ,which is dere
in middle east,, n economical
which is spreaded in india,
brazil ,china ..
A country is ruled by bureacrats
not leaders... now we need a
chanze at dat level..
othrwise ur screams for go india
go .. is a total waste.

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